Thermaltake USB Powered Mobile Fan 12 Review

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Conclusion and Summary

I used this fan with me on a daily basis for almost a week at the high tops of my college campus, as that is where I normally do my research and where I write most of my papers at. Surprisingly enough, at 1200 RPM, or around 80% speed this fan was absolutely silent, produced a comforting breeze (permitting the room was not cold like it has been recently) and made my experience just that small bit more enjoyable.

So we’ll break this down now and give you an honest view of this product.

The Good

  • Honest specifications
  • Good noise from 800 to 1200 RPM
  • Great airflow
  • I like the color scheme

The Bad

  • Price – at $23.26 Shipped as the lowest price, I cannot help but feel that this product won’t attract many buyers. If we could see this product a bit lower, in the sub $20 market it could attract more buyers.

The Mediocre

  • At full speed this fan can be kinda noisy with some motor noise resonating from it. While it is not the worst thing I have ever listened to, it could definitely be more pleasant.

Legit Bottom Line: Thermaltake has made a product for the geeks of the world to enjoy. With a good build quality and honest specifications they have definitely done their job but price leaves a little to be desired.

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