The Legit Reviews Best of 2009 Hardware Awards

It is hard to believe that another year flew by so quickly, but it has! That means Legit Reviews has turned seven years old and that you have have likely come across one of the hundreds of reviews that we have published this year. Since the year is almost over and new product launches are pretty much done for the year that means we can pick out the best products that were introduced in 2009!

Best of 2009 Hardware Awards

What does the coming year hold for us all? The year 2010 will be the year for 3D. With the Blu-Ray 3D standard being finalized it finally looks like 3D technology will make a push to become mainstream. NVIDIA will finally get their Fermi based GF100 video card series launched, which means they will finally have some DirectX 11 graphics cards in the market. Enthusiasts with large budgets will enjoy the first six-core desktop processors. Intel’s upcoming 32nm ‘Gulftown’ six-core processors will bring a drop in performance boost for those that already own Intel X58 Express powered motherboards. AMD will also be bringing six-core processors to market with the upcoming release of ‘Thuban’ based parts, but you’ll need a new platform since the socket has changed. With memory densities and yields getting better you can expect to see 12GB and 24GB memory kits become more popular with 12GB becoming standard on high-end performance systems…

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