Tagan A+ Curbic Mid Tower Case Review

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Moving Inside

Inside the Tagan Aplus Curbic

Taking off the side of the Curbic we can start to get a feel for the space. Even with its small stature there is room for even the largest video card and up to 5 hard drives.

Tagan Aplus Curbic side panel fan

Looking at the inside of the side panel we can see the fan is wired to be powered by a 4 pin molex connector. There is also a 4 pin connector connecting the fan to the controller located on the back of the case. To the lower left of the fan in the image above is the power switch wiring for the fan.

Tagan Aplus Curbic expansion slots

Showing the mixing of budget and features is the expansion slot area. For the features we have the tool-less expansion card retention system, and the fan control for the side panel fan.

Tagan Aplus Curbic expansion slot covers

For the budget side there are the slot covers themselves; they are stamped into the side of the case. This seems like a nice way to save money, but putting a cover back once it has been removed is not that easy. Since the covers are stamped from the case back itself they are they are not the same size as a normal slot cover as you can see in the above image. This means if you remove one, putting it back is going to very difficult, if not impossible, to keep from falling out.

Tagan Aplus Curbic front panel wires

The case front panel wiring is more than long enough to reach anywhere in the case.

Tagan Aplus Curbic drive bays

Looking to the front of the case we can see the drive bays. All the drive bays have a tool-less retention system for holding the drives in place. The Curbic has space for 5 hard drives, 1 external 3.5” device, and 4 external 5.25” devices.

Tagan Aplus Curbic drive rails

The drive retention system uses two pins and a cam style lock to hold the drive in place. If you don’t like the drive rail or have a device that is not compatible with it there are slots in the drive cage that allow you to use standard mounting hardware.

Behind the front panel of the Tagan Aplus Curbic

Looking behind the front panel of the Curbic we can see the front 180mm intake fan. The wire pass-through areas have some sharp edges as result from the stamping process.

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