Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 750W PSU Review

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Silverstone is very serious about their high performance products and the Strider Gold Evolution 750W power supply is no exception to that statement, being capable of doing everything an enthusiast would expect from a 750W power supply and even more. However, we cannot claim that there is no room for improvement, although any modifications could also affect the retail price of the unit and, in extend, its competitiveness as well.

The ST75F-G

Enthusiasts have come to expect high quality products from Silverstone and the ST75F-G is no exception. Even though the base design of this power supply is old, Enhance did a very good job upgrading its performance to modern standards and for a fully modular design. There are quirks, such as the tight placement of components and cables beneath and around the very large heatsinks, but the ST75F-G is very solidly made and the components used are of great quality as well.

The appearance of the ST75F-G is relatively simple, with only the classy paint job and the fully modular design separating this unit from generic builds. The round fan grill is generic and uninteresting (assuming that the magnetic dust filter is not installed on the PSU) and the bulky cables are simple, color-coded cables with normal black sleeving covering them. Nevertheless, simple does not mean that the ST75F-G is bad looking at all, only that it will not really stand out inside a case, which might be a good thing for people who want to focus their aesthetic theme elsewhere.

The Enhance (OEM) design of the Strider Gold Evolution

Performance-wise, the ST75F-G power supply really excels when it comes to low noise operation, being capable of maintaining comfortable operating temperatures with a minimal level of airflow, allowing the power supply to remain almost entirely silent even if it gets heavily loaded. This in turn has a negative impact on the thermal performance of the unit but not on a level that we would even bother complaining about. Naturally, the efficiency of the ST75F-G is very good and on par with the 80Plus Gold certification which the power supply bears; nothing more, nothing less. When it comes down to electrical performance, both the voltage regulation and ripple suppression figures were good but not impressive, at least not as impressive as the very low acoustic levels.

Legit Bottom Line: A simple summary of the points above suggests that the Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 750W (ST75F-G) power supply is a well-balanced and high quality product, easily justifying its competitive retail price of $149.99 plus $11.60 shipping at the time of this review.

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