Oblanc UFO 5.1 Gaming Headsets


If you have not heard of the company Oblanc don’t worry we didn't either before a few months ago. Our first time meeting them was at E3 2013 where they showcased a few of their headsets to us. The name Oblanc originates from the highest peak near the border of Paris, Italy and Switzerland-- Mont Blanc. Oblanc implements the spirit, strength, and determination it takes to conquer a mountain to each new headphone it creates. At Oblanc they are committed to bring premium audio experience with stylish designs, so we expect to see Oblanc take the gaming headset world by surprise.


Today we get our hands on Oblanc’s newest headset the UFO True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Easy w/ USB connection in matte yellow (part number OG-AUD63060).  This headset can be purchased online for $105.30 shipped and is backed by a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


If you are the type that wants to get your gaming on or even watch a movie through your PC in private but wants that 5.1 sound system, these might be the headsets that you want. The UFO connects to the PC or gaming system via the USB port and has its own sound card built in.  The Oblanc UFO gaming headset will give you that immersive experience that gamers want while playing their favorite games.


The Oblanc UFO 5.1 Headphones come with a multi speaker surround sound with drivers that deliver a 5.1 Dolby digital audio, a 5.1 channel amplifier with an independent volume control, and USB connectivity to connect to PC.


Oblanc took this headset to the next level giving it 4 Neodymium drivers on each side with sub-woofer enhancements that will give the user high quality sound with extended bass giving you a slight advantage while playing a game or better sound while watching a movie.


Oblanc UFO True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Specifications:

UFO True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Special Features:



The Oblanc UFO True 5.1 headset is manly a Gaming headset but can be used for multimedia such as watching movies and listening to music. If you turn the headset volume to higher levels you will get a noticeable distortion and you would need to enable the bass enhancement button otherwise it will sound flat. As for gaming though this is where the headset shines the most. There are not many headsets on the market that give you 4 30 mm sound speakers. The 30 mm Neodymium vibration divers offers the gamer the bass that you would expect while gaming in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Skyrim, or even Borderlands 2. With the independent volume control the gamer can adjust the sound to their preference giving the headset a wider range of use. The user is also able to adjust how the surround sound works and customize it due to the software for the headset.

Oblanc UFO 5.1: Inside the Box


The Oblanc UFO 5.1 gaming headset comes in this yellow and black box think the color of the box matches the color of the headset which comes in yellow or green. Inside the box there is only five items the headset, a user manual, a warranty card, a rubber key tag and a cd to install drivers.  The rubber key tag is something that you can add to your key ring something I will not be doing. The Oblanc Gaming headset comes with a manufacture warranty for two years that the user would need to go to Oblanc website to obtain. 


The UFO 5.1 gaming headset has a plastic over the top adjustable headband, its sturdy and very light. The earcups house 4 30mm individual Neodymium vibration drivers each and has a comfortable leatherette fabric which is soft to the side of your head with little to no pressure applied to the area around the ears.


The headset also comes with a flexible boom microphone that gives the user clarity during voice calls on the independent volume control the user will be able to adjust the volume and turn the mic on or place the mic in mute. The user will also be able to adjust the sub, front, surround sound, and center drivers via the control. The independent volume control has LED indicators on it which turn blue for USB connected, Flashing Blue for signal received, Red for microphone is on mute, and Green for microphone is on. The control also has a clip on the back so you are able to clip it to your pants or shirt.


The software is easy to use and install the only problem is that after it installs there is no desktop icon or icon in the start menu took me a while to find it. The only icon that shows up is under hidden icons, so you will have to customize the icon to show on your task bar in order to get to the headset settings. Once you open the settings you will notice that there is five tabs to adjust the headset to your liking which are Main setting, Mixer, Effect, Karaoke/Magic Voice, Information.

Oblanc_GUI-1 The first tab to show is the main settings and the first this we notice is that the headset is set for 2 speakers but to get the most out of this surround sound headset you will need to switch the output to 7.1 speakers.  The user will be able to adjust the System input, DSP mode, and Output Mode.  


On the mixer tab you can adjust the volume settings as well as the recording functions. The user can adjust the Digital output, Speakers, Line in, and Microphone for the volume settings, as for the record settings the user can control the SPDIF in, Microphone, Line in, and Stereo Mix.


The effect tab controls the way the user hears whatever they are listing to by changing the Environment, Environment Size, Equalizer, and Frequency. The Environment function gives the user the ability to make it seem as if they are listening to movies or music in a different setting such as in a concert hall, underwater, in your shower, music pub, or many more places. The environment size has three buttons which are small, medium, or large giving the user the effect of different size rooms. The Equalizer and Frequency gives the user the ability to adjust the music, movie, or game to their liking.


The Karaoke/Magic Voice tab gives the user some unique features. The voice section allows the use of voice echoing and a setting called voice magic. Voice magic has buttons that will automatically change the pitch and speed of your incoming voice. By changing this setting you can make your voice sound like Alvin from the chipmunks or very deep like the people trying to have their identity. The bottom menu with the cd and note is use for karaoke effects, which affects the music playing. Key shifting speeds up or slows down the music and the voice cancellation will attempt to take the voice out of the songs where you only get the background music.


The last menu is the general information and a check box to enable or disable the taskbar icon.

Oblanc UFO 5.1 Headset: Final Thoughts & Conclusions


The Oblanc UFO 5.1 Gaming headset will give the user high quality sound even if your PC does not have surround sound. We liked the build, quality, and sound production which allow you to pinpoint where the action is while playing a FPS. The Oblanc UFO 5.1 USB connection 5.1 surround headset (OG-AUD63060) is available on Amazon for $105.30 shipped in the yellow color that we reviewed today. You can save a few bucks and get them for $99.24 shipped if you prefer or can live with the green colored version. The headsets come with a manufacture warranty for two years but remember you will need to go to the website to activate your two year warranty.




My experience with this headset was great; the headset is an all-around listening experience but shows its true potential while gaming. We really like this headset it had a few issues with it such as the padding on the headset so to fix this I adjusted them so it does not rest on my head, I was able to do this comfortably due to the earcups fitting snug. The other issues we had is how you can hear everything that goes thru the mic thru the headset so you can hear yourself. The last issues was that this great headset can only be used for the PC, when we tried to use it on the consoles we couldn’t make out what anybody was saying and there was no way for us to fix this do to the fact that we can’t install the drivers on the console, but the positives outweighs the negatives.


While playing one of our favorite games, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the 5.1 surround sound gave a more realistic audio perception and sound quality which allowed us to get the jump on a lot of players as they tried to sneak up behind me. I really enjoyed that as I’m sure must gamers would too.  Overall if you are looking for a 5.1 surround sound headset that delivers excellent sound quality, comfortable ear cups, multiple sound drivers, and independent volume controls the Oblanc UFO 5.1 is your headset.


Legit Bottom Line: The Oblanc UFO True 5.1 Gaming Headset is a great all-around headset giving the user personal surround sound anywhere via USB. If you’re a PC gamer then this headset is worth the price, but if you’re a console gamer looking for one surround sound headset for all of your systems then you might need to look elsewhere.