Today marks the one-year anniversary of AMD’s launch of Ryzen! Over the past 12 months, AMD has launched over 20 Ryzen processors and to say they were disruptive at every price point is an understatement. AMD successfully reinvigorated the CPU market at a time when enthusiasts were used to seeing minimal IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) gains from any CPU manufacturer. Ryzen achieved an unheard of 52% IPC improvement and that is the highest increase in generational performance that we have seen in the 15 years that Legit Reviews has been online.

Below are just some of last year’s Ryzen highlights:

AMD doesn't plan on slowing down and has already revealed an aggressive Ryzen desktop processor roadmap for 21018. At CES 2018, AMD announced that the 2nd generation of Ryzen CPUs would be released in April 2019. These will be AMD’s first 12nm processor based on the refined "Zen+" architecture. After that they said Ryzen PRO Mobile is coming in Q2 and the 2nd generation Ryzen Threadripper is slated for sometime in 2H 2018.