Diamond Multimedia is now following up its first edition best-seller of Wireless Range Extender line, WR300N, with a thoroughly improved version. The new WR300NSI 3-in-1 device acts as a Wireless Repeater and Range Extender, Standalone Wireless Access Point, and Wireless Bridge Device that eliminates wireless dead spots.


The second-generation device is even easier to set up and has a new LED signal indicator and it can extend the wireless range as far as 30 meters. The Diamond WR300NSI is now available and retails at $49.99. A product information video can be seen below.

Unlike ordinary Wi-Fi repeaters that require an external power supply adapter, WR300NSI's innovative wall-plugged design empowers users to plug it directly into any available power outlet. The WR300NSI can take an existing 802.11n wireless signal, repeat it and send it to a longer range where it would have been too far for the router or access point to reach. Standalone wireless access point creates a wireless network by connecting the device to a wired router/cable modem or DSL modem. It is designed with RSSI- Received Signal Strength Indicators to determine the strength of the signal it receives from the router so that it can be placed in the optimal location, a new function that the first generation model did not have. The WR300NSI acts as a Wireless Bridge Device by receiving wireless signal from your home wireless network and converting to wired Ethernet connections for non wireless devices such as internet ready HDTV, Blue-Ray players, gaming consoles, and media players.