The folks over at Stelulu think that the Stinky Footboard will transform how PC gamers play by adding the player’s feet to the classic keyboard and mouse control paradigm. Gamers will always be in control, and able to execute lightning quick, simultaneous commands without ever having to take their fingers off WASD and the mouse. Conceived by gamers who wanted a more efficient way to deal with those useful secondary actions that usually require finger gymnastics to trigger, the Stinky Footboard enhances game-play in everything from FPS to RTS to MMO titles. It lets gamers assign commands to each of the board’s four buttons to suit their playstyle. The board also supports in-game modifiers, (control, alt and shift), to perform up to 16 actions, and automatically detects and loads saved profiles for the program that is active. Who knows if it will ever catch on, but it's certainly different.

Stelulu will be running a Kickstarter campaign in order to finance mass production, but as of right now Kickstarter campaign has begun. If all goes as planned the Stinky Footboard will be available for sale in June for $119 USD.

Stinky Footboard Gaming Controller


“I tried a lot of different types of PC controllers, but always came back to the keyboard and mouse. Then I thought, why should we limit ourselves to two hands to control games?” says Luc Levasseur, Co-Founder and R&D Director, Stelulu Technologies. “Luckily, I had access to prototyping machinery and a president open to crazy ideas.”