be quiet! announced today the availability of the new high performance thermal compound DC1. Through the perfect combination of metal oxides and silicon the new be quiet! thermal compound DC1 has a theoretical thermal conductivity of about 7.5 W / mK. Thus it offers several degrees Celsius advantage over conventional thermal compounds, as used for example in many ready-build-systems. Overclockers can also improve their results with the DC1. Thanks to a wide temperature range of -50 to +150 ° C, DC1 is suitable for various cooling methods. With its excellent heat conducting properties and its extremely simple handling, the paste is suitable for both normal users and Overclockers. A syringe with 3 grams of be quiet!'s DC1 costs EUR 6.49 and is available in stores now.

bequiet DC1 thermal compound

be quiet! DC1 Specifications:

  • Capacity - 3g
  • Type - Non-curing compound
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK)- > 7. 5
  • Temperature range (°C) - -50 to +150
  • Silicone compounds (%) - 10
  • Metal oxide compounds (%) - 60
  • Zinc oxide compounds (%) - 30