Virtium Announces Availability of StorFly M.2 SATA 6G SSDs

Virtium Offers SLC and MLC M.2 SSDs that Deliver Up to 500 MB/s Performance in Capacities from 8GB to 480GB


RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. – May 21, 2014 – Virtium, the embedded industry’s trusted supplier of highly reliable infrastructure SSDs and industrial memory modules, today announced the availability of its StorFly® M.2 SATA 6G (SATA III) solid state drives (SSDs).  To deliver an optimal storage solution for embedded infrastructure-based applications that require high performance in a small form factor, Virtium developed two M.2 modules to help meet today’s space-constrained system requirements. The company’s standard StorFly M.2 modules are available in 42mm (2242) and 80mm (2280) lengths, with 60mm and 110mm modules offered as customer needs dictate.  As with all Virtium StorFly SSDs, the new M.2 products are engineered to provide superior endurance and extended product lifecycles. The new StorFly M.2 SSDs are particularly well-suited for a broad variety of embedded infrastructure applications that include networking base stations, industrial automation equipment, casino gaming and data logging systems.

Further helping OEMs meet the diverse storage requirements of mission-critical embedded applications, StorFly M.2 industrial SATA SSDs are available in two product classes to match capacity, endurance and operating temperature requirements.  The StorFly M.2 PE class modules are based on SLC NAND flash and are available in 8GB to 256GB capacities in both commercial and industrial (-40° to 85°C) operating temperatures.  StorFly M.2 CE class modules are based on MLC NAND flash, and are offered in 30GB to 480GB capacities.

The new StorFly M.2 SSDs provide excellent read performance, enhanced ECC and wear-leveling capabilities that enable greater levels of reliability and endurance.  In addition, these M.2 modules feature Virtium’s vtGUARD™ power fail protection technology that protects against potential data corruption as a result of an unexpected power loss.

“For the next-generation of smaller embedded systems designs, Virtium’s M.2 SSDs are offered in a broad range of capacities while also supporting higher performance.  In addition, we are extending our four-year longevity guarantee with our SLC-based StorFly M.2 products that will greatly aid in minimizing costly and disruptive requalifications,” said Scott Phillips, director of SSD product marketing at Virtium.  “At Virtium, our commitment to the highly diverse embedded/industrial market means that we will support designers with a wide variety of storage options.  Virtium’s extensive SSD design expertise allows us to easily implement SATA on multiple industry standard form factors, including 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch SSDs, M.2, mSATA, Slim SATA and CFast.”

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About Virtium

Virtium is a solutions-driven provider of embedded SSD and industrial memory products OEMs trust for their networking, communications, industrial, POS, transportation, gaming and medical system applications.  Virtium excels at both first-to-market solutions and unsurpassed continuity of support for legacy products that meet the performance, workload and product deployment requirements of its customers. 

Virtium is known as a storage and memory technology innovator.  The company is a driving force in the continuous advancement of embedded SSDs and memory modules that deliver the capacity, form factor, extended temperature, ruggedization and configuration improvements that help OEMs compete successfully.

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