Rumor has it that AMD's next line Tonga will bring lower wattage to the red team's lineup. While the R7 260X currently trades blows in performance with Nvidia's 750Ti, the latter does so at near 20% difference in wattage and typically lower temperatures. Though the Crypto Rush has done wonders for AMD's sales and may have even influenced this generation's powerhouse design, it's hard to ignore Maxwell's efficiency. This goes doubly for the mid-range space being able to offer a decent gaming experience with no external power requirements and keeping your rig under 300W. Is it possible we've seen the worst of the high-wattage boom of recent years -- I'm looking at you GTX 4XX's! Who knows, maybe we'll even get back to single slot cards and/or passive cooling making it back into the limelight.

[caption id="attachment_126813" align="aligncenter" width="300"]AMD Radeon R9 290 *Pictured: AMD Radeon R9 290*[/caption]

There's no official word yet on whether this will be a new architecture (though most expect it to be a GCN redesign) or the beginning of the 3XX series. suggests that we'll learn more about Tonga in the upcoming weeks from Computex with a release likely in two to three months.