Tt eSPORTS DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad

 Tough enough for the hardest of battles

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Taipei, Taiwan – May 8, 2014 – Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional eSports gaming  peripherals is releasing the new DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad. The DRACONEM is a premium aluminum mouse pad that caters to every need in a mouse pad possible. The DRACONEM stands out from other aluminum mouse pads in the market, due to some of its key design elements. The DRACONEM is one of the largest aluminum pads in the market, which also comes with two surfaces to suit all types of gamers.

The aluminum frame which is 2mm thick, also features a brushed anodized finished for great durability and style. The DRACONEM offers gamers two surfaces to use; a low-friction (effortless glide) and a high-control (extreme precision) surface perfect so suit any situation in-game to allow gamers to play their best. Four rubber stoppers in the corners make sure the DRACONEM sits still and secure on the desk. The mouse bungee can be attached from all four sides, to match any setup a gamer may use during gaming. The mouse bungee can be further disassembled into two halves, for convenient carrying on the go.

The DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad MSRP is USD $39.99, and is available from late April in select regions of the world. Please kindly refer to your local stores for information regarding its availability.

DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad Part No.: MP-DCM-BLKHSS-01
DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad MSRP: $39.99

DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad Part Features:

   ALUMINUM BASE for great durability and style

The DRACONEM features a solid 2mm aluminum base with a brushed, anodized finish.

   Optimized DUAL Surface design

The DRACONEM comes with two different surfaces, allowing you to choose between low-friction and high-control to match your gaming style. The surfaces feature an optimized polymer for the highest precision tracking with both optical and laser gaming mice.

   Non Slip Rubber stoppers on corners

A total of four non slip rubber stoppers located at each corner, keep the DRACONEM secure on your desk & at just the right height to securely hold down the mouse bungee. The stoppers are also removable, should you prefer not to use them.

   Versatile Mouse bungee

The attachable mouse bungee can be put any of the 4 outer sides of the DRACONEM. Allowing users a convenient mouse bungee & mouse pad arrangement for any setup. The mouse bungee, furthermore, separates into two halves for convenient transport. To use, just slide your mouse cord into the cord groove of the mouse bungee.

   Size where it matters

Regardless of the surface or mouse sensitivity you prefer, the DRACONEM has you covered. The DRACONEM is larger than most aluminum mouse pads as well as most dual surface mouse pads offered from leading competitors. Don’t ever run out of space for your mouse when it matters with the DRACONEM.

DRACONEM Aluminum mouse pad technical specifications:

Technical specifications



Mouse Pad Base

2 mm solid Aluminum, brushed anodized finish

Surface material

Optimized Polymer


2 (Low-friction & high-control)


Mouse bungee- attachable on any side


Removable Non-slip rubber stoppers on corners