NVIDIA has released GeForce 331.82 WHQL drivers! NVIDIA says that this update is ideal for all GeForce GTX users and that Geforce 331.82 WHQL is the Game Ready driver for Assassin's Creed IV and Need For Speed Rivals. GeForce 331.82 WHQL drivers also bring major improvements for 4K gamers running at 3840x2160 screen resolutions. By doing a ton of optimizations, NVIDIA was able to get up to 50% faster framerates in Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, and Metro: Last Light at 3840x2160!

GeForce 331.82 WHQL also includes GeForce Experience 1.7.1, which includes the long-awaited ShadowPlay Beta, an innovative gameplay recording tool that can constantly record the action with a minimal performance impact thanks to the H.264 encoder built into GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series GPUs.

You can download 331.82 WHQL directly from the Drivers page. For the complete set of release notes please click here.


Windows Changes and Fixed Issues in Geforce Driver Version 331.82

  • [NVIDIA Control Panel]: Slovenian is incorrectly set as the default language for the Croatia region. [1175402]
  • [Surround]: Various Surround functions are not working.[1399823]
  • [Surround]: Bezel resolutions cannot be created while in Surround portrait mode.[1376860]
  • [3D Surround]: Stereoscopic 3D cannot be enables with Surround. [1403598]
  • OpenGL rendering is not rendered properly when rotation is activated.[891959]
  • [GeForce TX 460][Team Fortress 2]: Light jitters and flickers during the game. [1226365]
  • [GeForce GTX 260]: There is no audio over HDMI when the desktop is set to the 3DTV Play resolution. [960780]