Do some people think Apple's new gold-colored iPhone 5S is actually made of gold? The gold version of the iPhone 5S (or champagne as some are calling it) is selling for a massive premium on eBay. The retail value of the phone with a contract starts at around $199, but someone on eBay just spent more than 50 times that amount for an unlocked Apple iPhone 5S 16GB. Apple's online store currently shows that the that gold 5s will not ship until October;. The silver and "space gray" models will be shipped in 7 to 10 business days.


You'd have to be a die hard Apple enthusiast to pay $10,100 for a the sold out and hard to find 16GB gold version of the iPhone 5s. Did the buyer understand that the phone isn't really made with gold? Crazy! The real winner here is the seller in Connecticut that just made some serious cash for flipping a smartphone!

I sure hope the buyer doesn't learn that they can head over to Gold Genie and pay them $2,851 to get an Apple iPhone 5S 16GB embellished with real 24ct. gold. Heck for $3,385 you can get the 64GB model covered in gold!