HIS has let the cat is out of the bag, AMD is on the verge of releasing new video cards. The AMD R-200 Series codenamed ‘Volcanic Islands’ is a mix of refreshed Southern Islands cards and a number of cards that use the new Hawaii GPU that uses a new architecture. AMD is also changing the naming scheme on their video cards, so say sayonara to the Radeon HD series.  nomenclature AMD is changing up the Radeon nomenclature and it looks like the rumor of the Hawaii based GPU being called the AMD R9-290/R9-280 were correct. The Pitcairn replacement cards also look like they will be denoted by the AMD R7 branding. For years we've been calling ATI/AMD Radeon HD and then a four digit number. Now that we are moving beyond HD to 4K and other resolutions it appears that AMD wants to drop HD from the naming structure and moving over to a 'simplified' naming nomenclature. This has been confirmed by the leak of HIS Digital's upcoming cards. For example the HIS Radeon R9 280X is one of the upcoming cards that will be released soon. All AMD discrete desktop cards will begin with Radeon R and then it gets a bit tricky. First you'll have the market segment tied with the R. So, you might have R5, R7 and R9 cards depending on the market segment of the card.  If it's a mobile part, there will be an M at the end, so you'll see something like Radeon R9M. After that you have a two digit variant for that particular model and then the option of having an X at the end for XT/Pro versions. Sounds confusing, but we'll get used to it.  Check out the table below to see how the nomenclature works.
Better yet, why not look at some real upcoming cards that use this nomenclature.
HIS Digital lists a total of 7 branding six GPU tiers which are listed below: