Yesterday was a busy day in the news, but there was plenty of time for Apple's announcement of next generation iPhones. Apple iPhone5s In what is now a Jimmy Kimmel Live tradition, show staffers took to the streets of Los Angeles asking bystanders what they thought of the new Apple device. This time, a passerby would be given an "iPhone 5S" to examine despite being handed an iPad Mini, Apple's 8-in tablet which is nearly three times as heavy as the iPhone 5. Reactions and responses ranged from curious amusement (or confusion) to downright brainwashed fanboyism. We've featured the official 3:33 minute-long YouTube video-on-demand for you to take a look if you please. [embed][/embed] "While Technophiles will probably be up all night analyzing every detail of the new phones, I believe that most people will not be able to tell the difference between the new models and the old models..." - Jimmy Kimmel