After months of releasing teaser shots of the upcoming MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning video card MSI wasn't even the ones to unveil their upcoming flagship graphics card! The folks over at HardwareZone managed to get their hands on the GTX 780 Lighting and have released all sorts of images of the card along with the retail packaging. It looks like they broke the NDA on this one and the photos are all over the web, so enjoy. [gallery columns="5" ids="121664,121663,121661,121662,121666,121659,121660,121658,121665"] The clock speeds are still a mystery, but you can clearly see the new TriFrozr GPU cooler that features an independent control system. This means that you can control the three fans separately, which is nice. The outside two are 100mm and the inner one is 70mm. The GPU cooler is said to have seven 8mm copper heatpipes, so this should be a very good GPU cooler from the looks of it.  It also appears to have a 20-phase digital PWM, a triple BIOS and gobs of other features. The expected release date of the MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning is August 28th, 2013. It's a shame MSI couldn't be the ones to debut their own card, but it looks good! The NVIDIA GK110 GPU is a beast before overclocking, so we can't wait to see what the clock speeds are on this GPU with 2304 CUDA cores!