Prescott’s Back — 3.4GHz

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Game Testing:

NovaLogic; Comanche 4:

The Comanche 4 benchmark demo is a unique benchmark as it represents a real-world gaming experience. It contains the single player Eagle’s Talon mission from the game as well as a detailed cinematic. This DirectX 8.1 benchmark demo measures your system’s performance in the standard frames per second format.

Results:The Intel Prescott processor is significantly slower than the Northwood when used for Comanche 4.

Epic Games; Unreal Tournament 2003:

Using the full installation of Unreal Tournament 2003 along with the newest patch gives us a very nice real world benchmark! We also used [H]ardOCP’s UT2003 Benchmarking utility version 2.1. A resolution of 1024×768 was tested in Direct3D on the built-in CPU test.

Results:During the CPU test we notice some very slight differences in FPS, but when using the Asbestos demo we found that the Prescott (E) and Northwood (C) are neck to neck.

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