PowerColor Radeon HD7990 Video Card Announced

TUL Corporation today announced the PowerColor HD7990 graphics card for high-end gaming enthusiasts! This card is powered by a pair of Tahiti XT GPUs running at 900MHz each and 6GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1375MHz. The PowerColor HD7990 comes with a dual BIOS switch button on the PCB and the second profile has a 925MHz OC engines clock. This means you can overclock your card with a simple flick of a BIOS switch and if you ever corrupt a BIOS you can easily switch to the other and keep on using the card without interruption. No word on pricing, but the PowerColor HD7990 won’t be cheap!

PowerColor HD7990

PowerColor HD7990 has equipped with trio slots and trio fans cooling solution, thermal design power capability up to 550 watts, maximizing the heat dissipated ability to cool down the dual GPUs board. Furthermore, it’s built with multi phases design, UHB, digital PWM and PowerIRstage, increases steady of voltage power for GPU, stabilizes the gaming performance even at load.

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