Playerunknown Battlegrounds Hits 10M Copies Sold

Back in lay July we talke a bit about the numbers that had been published for Playerunknown Battlegrounds or PUBG. At the time Steamspy said that the game had moved 5 million copies and we were very impressed considering that the game wasn’t even officially launched yet. Fast forward a bit more than a month and we have some new numbers to be baffled about.

The official Playerunknown twitter account has announced that the game has sold 10 million copies. That is twice as many copies a Steamspy claimed back in July. The game is still not officially launched and it is coming to the Xbox later. Fans of the game will take this with a grain of salt.

Each time we talk about PUBG and its impressive milestones for concurrent gamers on Steam or sales, fan invariably say something like “great, now fix the game.” As the game gets closer to launch it should be fixed, whatever the issues. Back on August 28, PUBG broke a concurrent player record, again, with 870,000 concurrent players. That put it ahead of Valve’s own DOTA 2 for most concurrent players, at least for a while.

The game is said to be on schedule for its official launch, which has no actual hard launch date just yet. All we know is that the game is still aiming for a late 2017 launch reports Cinemablend. We are still wondering if PUBG will be an Xbox exclusive for a short time or permanently, I’m sure PS4 gamers want to know the answer to that as well.