Online hunting, Texas style

A website titled, allows users to participate in live target practice from the safety and warmth of their homes. Using a online program, perspective shooters access an actual 22-cal rifle mounted on a servo controlled platform and fitted with a high-power camera. At present you can choose among several “active” targets including paper which can be mailed to you. For an additional fee a DVD of your session can be sent to you as well. The site’s founder John Lockwood is under the gun (pun intended) as he plans to move the shooting station onto his 300-acre Texas ranch next year, giving online-hunters an opportunity to kill live game. There’s a list of species available at the site, all you need is a credit card and internet access, “handicapped hunters” welcome. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking foward to online electro-shock site, where at the click of a mouse you can shock the founders of this site, and JFK Reloaded. (Disclaimer: no animals were harmed in the reporting of this story) Full story at MSNBC 


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