NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 Video Card Preview

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Introducing the GeForce GT 240

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I would really like to boost my graphics performance, but I don’t want to bust my bank account?” Today is the day that you can make this dream a reality. Our friends at NVIDIA have released the GeForce GT 240! Not only does this card perform well on its own in a budget media system, it can also be paired with another card to boost its performance in a high end gaming rig. Sporting both DirectX 10 capability and PhysX Technology the GeForce GT 240 is a stick of dynamite that is ready to ignite your PC. So whether you are a casual PC user, a media PC guru, or a hardcore gamer, there is a spot in your rig for the GeForce GT 240. Just take a look at the following specs and information kindly provided by NVIDIA in their reviewers guide.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 240

The Perfect GPU for Mainstream Visual Computing and Power Gaming at under $99

The GeForce GT 240 is NVIDIA’s latest performance-class GPU that enables the mainstream PC to become vastly more functional and enjoyable. Compared to PCs using integrated graphics that struggle with today’s increasingly graphical and GPU-computing workloads, systems outfitted with GT 240 offer great general gaming performance, Power Gaming (PhysX acceleration + 3D Vision), and GPU Computing at under $99.

With the addition of a GeForce GT240, a PC can also provide smooth HD video playback from Bluray, DivX, and Flash 10.1 sources, while also facilitating seamless HD video creation and editing.

The concept of Power Gaming is more than just high performance graphics. Gamers using a GeForce GT 240 can enjoy the latest games with PhysX and 3D Vision for a truly immersive gaming experience.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 240

NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 240 offers:

  • A Full PhysX and 3D Vision Experience at under $99
  • Games run over 50% faster with a GeForce GT 240 as a dedicated PhysX GPU and a higher-end GPU like a GTX 275 as the graphics GPU
  • HD content playback and creation acceleration with new video processing features and 96 CUDA cores

The GeForce GT 240 is a terrific GPU for Microsoft Windows 7. It supports Windows 7’s key features such as DirectCompute and drag and drop video conversion.

Implementing improved power management features, the GeForce GT 240 consumes only 9 watts in idle mode! The GeForce GT 240 sits between the GeForce GT 220 and GeForce 9800 GT in price and performance. It will be available on November 17, 2009 for under $99.

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