Nintendo Switch Sold 1.5M Consoles in Japan Since Launch

The Nintendo Switch had sold 1.5 million units in Japan since it launched there in March. That is significantly faster than the PS4 reached the same number of consoles sold in Japan and the PS4 was considered to be a popular device in that country. The Switch needed only 26 weeks to reach that 1.5 million sold mark.

The PS4 had only moved around 665,000 units in Japan by its 26th week of availability. When the PS4 reached that 1.5 million sold mark, it had been available for 69 weeks. The thing that has been holding Nintendo back in sales numbers globally is availability.

If Nintendo could meet the demand for the Switch, we can’t help but wonder how many units it would have sold. As for why the console is so hot in Japan, Gamespot figures it’s because mobile gaming is so popular in the country.

Being a hybrid portable and home console was clearly more appealing to the Japanese masses than the PS4 was. Nintendo’s own 3DS portable console did sell a bit faster than the Switch as a pure portable device. Through June 30, Nintendo has sold 4.7 million Switch consoles and 13.6 million games. New sales data is expected in October as part of the gaming firms earnings report. Nintendo has promised to increase production for the holiday season.