Nintendo Switch Exclusive ARMS Gets new Fighter and Game Mode

One of the cool and exclusive games for the Nintendo Switch is a fighting game called ARMS meant to take advantage of some of the cool controls the Switch console offers. This week the game is getting its first major update and the update will include a new fighter and a new game mode. The new game mode will allow multiplayer gaming and in that mode players can play as Max Brass.

As a playable character, Max Brass comes with new ARMS to equip and his own stage. Players who have ARMS and have enjoyed the career mode will recognize Max Brass as the current tournament champion that you have to defeat eventually.

The new character has some nice buffs that other characters don’t enjoy, namely his ARMS remain charged even when his health gets low meaning he can be hit and won’t go flying like other characters. The new ARMS for Brass include the Nade, Roaster, and Kablammer. The new arena to fight in is called Sky Arena.

The new multiplayer game mode is called Hedlok and in it the players will get to use the Hedlok power up and gain access to those powers. Hedlok is present in the current game and is a floating head with multiple arms for fighting multiple foes at once time. In the mode players will pummel everyone and when one of them gets the Hedlok powerup, the focus then switches to all players cooperating to defeat the player with the Hedlok powerup. It’s not clear exactly when the update will land, all we know now is “later this week” reports Cinemablend.