LG Unlikely to Supply Apple with OLEDs until 2019

At this point everyone who cares to know knows that Apple has a new iPhone coming soon. One of the biggest changes for that new device is a move to a nearly bezel free OLED screen for the top of the line iPhone that has been called the iPhone 8 for a while. We still don’t know the official name for the device.

As of now Apple is reported to be getting its OLED screens from Samsung exclusively. Apple Insider reports that Cupertino wants to add LG as a screen supplier as well. The catch is that report now indicates it will be 2019 at the earliest before LG is able to start producing screens for Apple.

People claiming to be familiar with LG’s plans say that the company wants to reach full OLED production capacity in 2019 with smaller batches of OLEDs possibly available as early as late 2018. LG is also tipped to be in talks with Apple right now on component pricing and other details of the deal.

Apple and LG already have a supply deal in place for small panels that are used in the Apple Watch. LG has reportedly had issues with production for OLED panels large enough to use in smartphones. The company has purchased machines to help with production. This all means that the iPhone with OLED screen will likely be in short supply.