In Win F430 Red Mid Tower ATX Gamers Case Review

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Let’s take a look at the outside

The In Win F430

The first thing you will notice is the nice automotive paint the case has, and with it being automotive paint the mirror-like finish is quite durable.

Front intake vents of the In Win F430


Continuing the Ferrari influence In Win designed the front lower intake vents to resemble the air intakes of the car. Just above the vents is the power button. It is oversized and chrome with the words “Engine Start”.

Drive bay covers of the In Win F430

The 5.25” bay covers are made of a metal mesh to resemble the grill of the Ferrari. The metal mesh that was used is fairly strong, so bending up the mesh shouldn’t be a worry.

Front USB and Audio Ports on the In Win F430

The front USB, IEEE 1394, and audio ports are on the side of the case about half way up. This is okay, but if you have your case on the floor or in a cabinet accessing them may be difficult.

Toolless case latches on the In Win F430

Here we have the side panel latches; these can be handy for quick access to the case as they just snap in. In Win also has the standard screw holes in the side panels and case in case you want to firmly secure the door with case screws or thumb screws. This might be ideal where you wouldn’t want easy access to inside your computer.

The back of the In Win F430

Here we have the back of the case. On the right side of the case, even with the top of the 120mm fan is a slot. This slot is for an optional padlock loop that is shipped loose in the screw bag; this is another nice option if you want to make sure no one gets in your case. You will also notice that there are no expansion slot covers installed; those come loose as well in the screw bag.


The back of the In Win F430

On the bottom (where they should be) we have the case feet. There are 4 black rubber feet to help keep you machine from sliding around.

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