Here’s how to Find Fortnite Season 3 Secret Treasure

If you don’t mind spoilers a new video has turned up from GamesRadar that will show you exactly how to find a secret treasure in Season 3. The secret treasure is easy to get if you know where to go.

If you are able to loot the hidden cache of weapons you will earn 10 Battle Starts to level up the Battle Pass. Fortnite is a free-to-play game, but it does have paid content you can purchase. That paid material includes cosmetic items and more that will cost you real money.

The Battle Pass accesses a season of content and Season 3 just kicked off after Season 2 ran from December 14 through February 20. Buying the old season 2 Battle Pass will get you a 50% XP match all season, a Blue Squire outfit, and the ability to earn more.

If you level that pass up you can earn a LOL emoticon with rewards stacking through tier 70. The 10 Battle Stars you earn in Season 3 looting this secret treasure will level you by a tier reports GamesRadar.