GraVT Professional Photographer System Review

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The GraVT Professional – GVT-PPS68X

When we heard that we would be getting a system to review and give away from a company called The 3D Shop we were caught off guard as this is a company that we have not worked with before. Intel teamed up with the folks at The 3D Shop to develop a ‘studio-in-a-box’ PC for hobbyist and aspiring professional content creators. The result is a system called GraVT that is powered by a 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2600K processor and a Intel Solid-State Drive to boost performance on demand and speed multi-media tasks such as image rendering, video editing and audio mastering. The 3D Shop specializes in niche’ products, so building up a professional photography system was an easy task for them! The system that we are looking at today is custom one off model based loosely around the GraVT Professional GVT-PPS68X, but with some enhancements just for Legit Reviews. The 3D Shop usually offers this case with a 800W power supply and a black case, but they ‘upgraded’ those components for LR! We will be giving this system away in our giveaway this month, so be sure to enter!

GraVT Professional - GVT-PPS68X

The heart of this photography system is the Intel Core i7-2600K unlocked processor sitting atop the Intel DZ68BC motherboard. The system has 16GB of DDR3 1333MHz Kingston ValueRAM, an ASUS GeForce GTX 570 DirectCU II video card an Intel 311 20GB SSD and two WD Caviar Black 2TB hard drives! The power for the system comes from a massive Cooler Master 1000 Watt power supply! To finish off all this amazing hardware GraVT tossed in an optical drive, media reader and gingerly stuffed it all inside a special edition red Lian Li PC-8FI case! Outside the case you’ll find a Microsoft wireless keyboard and the ARC mouse.

The fun doesn’t stop there though as the system comes with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installed and the full Cyberlink Media Suite 9! This means it has Cyberlink Power Director, Photo Director and Media Espresso already installed and ready to go. GraVT also loaded up trial versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom!


GraVT Contest Drawing System


Intel Core i7-2600K


Intel DZ68BC


16GB DDR3-1333 Kingston Value Ram



Intel  311 20GB SSD Drive for SSD Caching
2 x 2TB WD Caviar Black 7200RPM Hard Drives


16X LG DVD-ROM Drive w/ Lightscribe

Power Supply

1000W Cooler Master 


Lian Li PC-8FIR



Vantec 3.5-inch All-in-One Reader


Microsoft Wireless 2000


Microsoft ARC Mouse


Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Since we are giving away this entire system we will be taking a quick look at the features and a brief look at the overall system performance!

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