Gigabyte GP-Krypton MAT Two-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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The Gigabyte GP-Krypton Mouse Mat

Computer mousing surfaces are all user specific and user preferred. What works for one of us will not always apply to the next person. And when it comes to mousing surfaces, there are literally a plethora of options available to us to choose from. These range from hard surfaces like glass, Aluminum with a Teflon coating, and wood based mouse pads; to soft surface mouse pads which are typically made from a fabric material. With having all these multiple different types and sizes of mouse pads to choose from; makes choosing a mouse pad that will fit our specific gaming personality a difficult one.

Krypton Mouse Mat

Well over here at Legit Reviews we are going to be looking at one of many mouse pad offering from Gigabyte, the GP-Krypton mouse mat. This mouse pad utilizes two sides, and each side is different from the other, one side of this mouse pad is made from a cloth like material, while the other side is made from a PVC based material.

Gigabyte GP-Krypton Mouse Mat Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.7″ x 11.3″ x 0.2″
  • Features:
  • Speed + Precision for Complete Conquer
  • Anti-slick Rubber Frame
  • Non-slip rubber frame provides a strong foundation resistant to unwanted movement during gaming section
  • Cross-section
  • Fabric surface
  • Soft rubber layer
  • Hard PVC coat

No real point in getting to in depth of this mouse mat, as we can see by looking at the specifications that this mouse mat uses a fabric on one side, while the opposite side uses a PVC type of surface. Also looking at the dimensions we get an idea that this mouse mat is fairly large in size.

I am going to add that the Gigabyte Krypton mouse mat also comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Krypton  Box Top

Looking at the top of the box that Gigabyte uses to package up the GP-Krypton mouse mat, Gigabyte does keep things fairly simple, they just placed the name of the mouse mat in purple embossed lettering directly center of the box on a black background.

Krypton Box Opened

Once we open up the top of the box, we can see that Gigabyte places this mouse mat inside of a pre-cutout foam rubber so that it will not get damaged during the rigors of shipping.

The side that is facing up is the non-glossy, matte finished PVC side of the GP-Krypton mouse mat. As we can tell that this side does not reflect any light, this will ensure that our mouse movements will be both fluid and smooth while we use this side. If we look around the entire edge of this mouse mat we can see that there is a large non-slip rubber border, this will help keep this mouse mat in place as we use it.

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