eVGA GeForce 7600 GS 512MB Video Card

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Overclocking & Conclusion

With all of the luck I have had with ATI tool I went straight to it to overclock our EVGA 7600 GS. Being able to see immediate results from changing the clock speeds is easier to find the limits and where the card starts to artifact. Knowing that there have been plenty of overclocked 7600 GS cards on the market, and that the 7600 GS shares the same core as the 7600 GT I had high hopes for our EVGA model.

Overclocked EVGA 7600GS

Turns out I was exactly right! I was able to run the card through all of my testing at 545MHz core speed and 460MHz memory speed, an increase of 60MHz memory and an incredible 145MHz core speed!!! With the new speed we ran through Vegas a couple of more times to see what we had gained.

Overclocked EVGA 7600GS

Our EVGA 7600 GS was able to match the XFX 7600 GS in Vegas and both were nipping on the heels of the 7600 GT, impressive performance to say the least considering it was a free boost!


Although the 7600 GS is a decent performer the EVGA 7600 GS 512MB was a bit of a surprise, handling all but Rainbow Six: Vegas at very high visual quality settings. At a price of $93 after rebate it is a good value for those on a tight budget and as mentioned earlier would be a great upgrade for Windows Vista in those machines that see more time in Excel and Word than blasting bad guys. It runs cool, doesn’t use much power, and provides a good overall experience for the money. The only complaint I have against the card is that on the open test bench it was a little loud. The small fan had a tone that seemed to drone after a bit. However, if this card was installed in a case the sound would be less pronounced, just something to keep in mind if you have to sleep next to your computer. As mentioned previously, you could also get away with installing an after market GPU cooler to eliminate the noise.

With the warranty and great step-up program EVGA has rightfully garnered a great following. Other things like the Advanced RMA system take their customer service to the next level that customers really appreciate.

Legit Bottom Line: The EVGA 7600 GS 512MB represents a great value in add-in card graphics with a good gaming experience, great warranty, excellent build quality, and the option to upgrade the card within 3 months if you feel the need.

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