Corsair XMS Xpert Arrives

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Final Thoughts

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The Corsair XMS Xpert modules increase the memory bling factor ten fold. The cost for these extra bells and whistles is expected to be about $30-$50 above the Corsair XMS Pro series with costs lowering as production ramps up. Also expect to see a standard size module with a smaller display and no LED’s. These standard width modules may be of interest to those running systems where space is an issue.

Corsair has been producing working on these modules for well over a year now and sadly they have been delayed recently due to manufacturing issues. Looks like some of the components used on the display don’t like being run through the convection oven. Corsair told Legit Reviews that they are currently seeking different components that allow for easier manufacturing. Once this happens expect these to start shipping to retailers around the world.

Once again we applaud Corsair for their constant commitment to new designs in the memory industry. The Corsair XMS Xpert series show what a memory company can do when the have engineers working in house. Many enthusiasts don’t realize that many of the smaller performance memory companies don’t have engineers, application specialists or staff devoted just to testing of modules. All these college educated employees increase the operational costs of Corsair, but they make up for it with leading edge memory and design.

In the end it is all up to the consumer though.  How many consumers really need/want a product like the Xpert Series?  These modules are only for the select few that have windowed cases and even then there is the price premium.  Is the XMS Xpert series faster than the XMS series?  The answer is no, so these modules are only for those seeking the ultimate in memory bling! 

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