Corsair PC2-6400C3 Meets AMD’s AM2 Processors

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2GB and 4GB Numbers

Now that we know the AMD AM2 memory controller doesn’t mind having four full banks with CL3 timings we can run the rest of our performance numbers.  The 2GB kit was ran at 3-3-3-9 1T and the 4GB kit was run at 3-4-3-9 2T for the benchmarking.

  2GB 4GB
Sandra 2007
Unbuffered 8901MB/s 9042MB/s
Buffered 5040MB/s 5067MB/s
Everest 2006
Read 7998MB/s 7849MB/s
Write 6943MB/s 6937MB/s
Copy 8491MB/s 8878MB/s
Latency 46.8ns 45.4ns
SuperPi v1.4
2Million 80.375sec 79.500sec
Timedemo 1 154.2fps 159.1fps

Having 4GB of memory in the system actually helped improve performance even though it was running at a slower 2T command rate and a RAS-to-CAS latency of 4 instead of 3.  Everest Ultimate 2006 showed the read and write scores to be a bit slower, but the copy and latency tests showed better results, which goes unexplained to us unless their benchmark utility likes the 1T CMD rate.  Sandra 2007 showed slight bandwidth improvements and improved memory latency.  In DOOM 3 we again picked up more frames and are now up to 159.1FPS an increase of 3 percent.

Let’s take a second and put everything together.  

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