Cooler Master HAF XB Lan Box and Test Bench Case Review

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The HAF XB Packaging

 HAF XB Box Front

Cooler Master keeps the packaging of the HAF XB rather plain. The one thing we notice right off the bat is that the box the HAF XB comes in is not typical mid-tower type of box.

 HAF XB Box Side

Since all of the sides of the box that the HAF XB comes in are all the same, I will only be showing the front and right side. Once again the box is kept fairly plain looking.

 HAF XB Box Opened

Opening up the box we see that Cooler Master packages up the HAF XB no different from what we have seen from previous chassis.

 HAF XB Accessories

I went ahead and removed the little box that inside of the HAF XB and laid them out so we get an idea what we will get as far as included accessories. Starting from the left working right we get the following:

  • Eight 2.5” HDD/SSD removable side carriers
  • Wire Ties
  • A PC Speaker
  • And a little plastic bag that contains all of the necessary screws required for us to install all of our computer components into the HAF XB


What the HAF XB looks like once It has been removed from the confines of the box.

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