Computex 2007 – Day 3 Show Coverage

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Thermaltake ToughPower 2000W PSU

The Toughpower 2000W is designed to support the latest computer technologies including four 6-pin PCIe connectors as well as four 8-pin PCIe connectors. This allows for a system to have up to four video cards in SLI or Crossfire to provide the most out of a quad-core or quad-GPU system. In addition, the 2000W Toughpower has four independent 12V rails for stable voltage output. Thermaltake said it failed UL testing in the US (all over 1500W fail), but has passed in Europe and they will bring it out late Q3/Q4 2007!

Thermaltake DuOrb For CPU Cooling

With today’s dual-core and quad-core systems increasing in heat, the need for better cooling is a must for those that want to overclock and push the thermal envelope on modern processors. Thermaltake has a great looking all copper CPU cooling solution called the DuOrb. This heat sink has six heat pipes and a pair of cooling fans to help keep the temperatures low when temperature starts to rise. The DuOrb might have some spacing issues in a few cases, but the width of the cooler should help cool capacitors, MOSFETS and any heat emitter directly around the CPU socket on AMD and Intel motherboards.

Thermaltake DuOrb For Video Card Cooling

To go with the DuOrb for CPU’s, Thermaltake also plans to release a DuOrb for GPU’s that looks just as good. Sporting a low profile design with blue LED lights on the fan, it’s sure to look good in any case. Thermaltake has informed Legit Reviews that the DuOrb is slim enough to give motherboards enough room for SLI and Crossfire configurations and dual-slot cooling solutions. The DuOrb is compatible with all high-end video cards currently on the market, including the Nvidia 8800/7900/7800/7600/6800 series and ATI 1950/1900/1800 series, said Thermaltake. Along with the GPU cooler, the DuOrb is packaged with four VRM heatsinks and also 13 thermal pad coolers for cooling memory and VRM chips. If you own the just-released Radeon HD 2900 XT you’ll need something like this to keep your card cool, but otherwise the DuOrb should do the job just fine!

Thermaltake Big Water 760i

Thermaltake also had their latest water-cooling system, the Big Water 760i, on display here at Computex. The Big Water 760i consists of an all inclusive bay drive unit and a water block that can be quickly installed. Inside the drive unit one can find the water pump, 12CM blue LED fan, water reservoir and high performance radiator. The BigWater 760i utilizes a P500 pump that is capable of pushing 500L/H (131.9G/H) of water. Thermaltake says it’s enough cooling power to handle all of the latest CPU’s on the market today.

Thermaltake Xaser 6 ATX Computer Case

Thermaltake also has the Xaser 6 silver (VG4000SWA) case on display that looked pretty good, but since cases are a thing of personal taste we’ll let you draw the final conclusions on it’s design.

Thermaltake Xaser 6 Vlack ATX Computer Case

Let’s take a look at what VIA had on display!

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