AZZA Toledo 301 ATX Mid Tower Case Review

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Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Azza Toledo 301 ATX Mid Tower

Azza came to the market today with a new case, the Toledo 301, which boasts a price tag of $69.99 with free shipping and a 1 year warranty. This is obviously a budget case targeted at gamers not looking to break the bank, but with that in mind, it seems Azza hit their target audience with the ascetics of the case. 230mm Side fan for direct GPU cooling, LEDs in  the fans for case lighting, and accented, LED lit portions of the case.

Azza designed the Toledo 301 to use an ease of installation system with cradles for the Hard Drive bays, and tool-less mechanisms for the optical drive bays. Though, ease of installation was not the case. The tool-less drive bays didn’t work. Hard Drive cradles were very stiff, and while  held the drives in place, the rubber “anti-vibration material” didn’t really do it’s job because the drives were held so tight.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the build quality, either. Azza’s tower had plenty of blemishes on the inside where paint looks like it was either rubbed off or never made it on. It also is a very rough paint, which I wouldn’t normally complain about, except that because it’s so rough, handling the case with your bare hands can lead to skin flakes being visibly stuck to it, and it’s not easy to clean.

Another point of concern is it seems that Azza chose to either go with a low end OEM for the fans, or just in general, low quality fans as they were noticeable most of the time, without actually pushing a whole lot of air. This really was a disappointment.

Overall, it felt like Azza made a lot of bad design choices, even in the case’s fundamental framework as the cable routing holes did not line up with ATX boards well, and the motherboard mounts themselves also did not line up.

I’ve spent a lot of time with budget cases in the past, but I feel like this is one that simply should be passed up. The build quality is poor, features are lacking luster, and overall it doesn’t feel like the case holds much value to it.

Legit Bottom Line: Azza’s Toledo 301 is priced too high with too many poorly designed features, surpassed by better options on the market.

Azza Toledo 301 ATX Mid Tower
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