Asus X58 Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Preview

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Air Overclocking

Asus Rampage III Extreme Overclocking Super Pi 1M

After confirming that I had set 1.35vcpu, 1.30vtt, 1.65vdimm, and I had dropped the multiplier to 12x I proceeded to run the Super Pi 1M baseclock test. With 100MHz PCIe the board walled at 221MHz baseclock while setting PCIe to 112MHz enabled overclocking up to 227.5MHz base clock. One click higher in baseclock resulted in a bluescreen.

Asus Rampage III Extreme Overclocking Super Pi 32M

Switching to Super Pi 32M witnessed the same stability issue at 228MHz baseclock. 227MHz baseclock was rock solid though.

Asus Rampage III Extreme Overclocking 24/7

Switching over to the 24/7 test I was only able to run at 4210MHz without suffering an error through Intel Burn Test. I think this may have been due to the warmer ambient temperatures than in recent tests, with better cooling and/or more voltages higher frequencies would have been possible.

I will be testing this board again in the near future with liquid nitrogen and possibly dry ice so don’t think I’m completely skipping over those options. For the sake of getting this review completed in a timely manner they were dropped for a later date.

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