Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Displayed at E3 2014

astro-logoAstro A38-18

After taking in feedback from their beta testers, Astro has announced the completed model of their A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset. The folks from Astro were kind enough to show us these wireless headsets up close and personal during our trip to E3 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. The Astro Gaming Engineers and PR folks tell us that this will be Astro’s first headset that is not completely gamer oriented and more for the general public.

Astro A38-10

By popular demand, the max volume on the A38 has been increased along with the the bass to offer a great sound stage to immerse the listener. The headsets noise cancelling capability accommodated with soft leather padding allows the user to comfortably focus strictly on their audio. To improve their Bluetooth efficiency the range and stability has been improved so signal could reach through the thickest of walls from a further distance. The built in microphone has had its sensitivity amplified to help offer improved chat functions during online gameplay.

Astro A38-12

For a more convenient charging set up the A38 will have a micro USB slot to accommodate charging cables used by android phones and any other windows phone-based device. Along with all of these upgraded features the A38 headset can be customized with various artistic snap on plates available through Astro’s website. Astro is also offering thematic side “tags” that you can install to personalize your headset.  Many of these tags are subtle reminders of who you are as a gamer or fan.

The A38 Bluetooth Wireless Headset will be available in August for $229.