AMD Launches The Socket AM2 Platform

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FX-62 and 5000+ Up Close

The AMD AM2 X2 5000+ Processor 

Now that we know what AMD’s AM2 processors are all about let’s take a closer look at the two latest processors from AMD, the FX-62 and the X2 5000+.  Our 5000+ is pictured above.

  AMD ATHLON 64 FX-62 AMD ATHLON 64 X2 5000+
Frequency / Cache Sizes:
2.8GHz w/ 1MB L2 cache-per-core
2.6GHz w/ 512KB L2 cache-per-core
L1 Cache Sizes:  
64K- L1 instruction + 64K – L1 data cache per core (256KB total L1)
CPU to Memory Controller:
same as CPU core frequencies
Memory Controller: 
Shared integrated 128-bit wide memory controller
DDR2 Memory Supported:
Up to and including PC2-6400 (800MHz) DDR2 memory
HyperTransport Links:  
HyperTransport Spec: 
2GHz (2x 1000MHz / DDR)
Effective data bandwidth:
20.8 GB/sec [8GB/sec HyperTransport link + 12.8GB/sec memory]
Socket AM2 organic micro-PGA
Fab location:  
Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany
Process Technology:  
90nm (.09-micron) Silicon on Insulator (SOI)
Approximate Transistor count: 
227.4 million
153.8 million
Approximate Die Size: 
230 mm 2
183 mm 2
Nominal Voltage: 
Max Thermal Power:   
125 W
89 W
Max Ambient Case Temp: 
55-63 degrees Celsius
55-70 degrees Celsius
Max Icc (processor current): 
Min P-State (with C’n’Q):  
1.0 GHz
Nominal Voltage @ min -state: 
Max Thermal Power @ min -state:
Max Icc @ min -state:    

The AMD FX-62 remains an unlocked enthusiast part with a grand total of 2MB L2 cache available on the processor. The AMD A64 X2 5000+ will be multiplier locked and feature 1MB of cache, which explains why it uses less power, a smaller die size, and has ~74 million fewer transistors.

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