Albatron GeForce TC6200Q Review

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Final Thoughts

Albatron 6200 Turbo Cache

The Albatron 6200 Turbo Cache is an impressive little card. I never expected to get the quality of game play or the benchmarks that I got. I figured when I got this card that it would perform like all the previous generation budget cards. I expected it to be emaciated with all the nice features of its architecture unusable because of poor performance. Well guess what, I was wrong. This card packs a decent punch for its price.

When I first was looking to take the socket 939 plunge the first thing I noticed was the need for a new video card. Gone were the good old days where I could keep my trusty old nVidia gForce 200mx from one computer to the next. For weeks I lamented over the price I was going to have to pay it seemed that the only decent option for PCI-Express graphics was the 6600GT and its $200 price point. Had I know the performance that the 6200 Turbo Cache offers and the price (under $90) I would have gotten my Athlon 64 much sooner than I did. The point I am trying to make is that if you have been putting off upgrading to PCI-Express graphics because the cost just seemed too high, and you have been putting up with a 9600, 5700 or lesser because you figured it had to be better than a low end budget card, well time to get out from under your rock. The Albatron 6200 Turbo Cache offers game play that almost equals the midrange of just a generation ago, and at a price that does not clean house.

If you?re looking for budget gaming system then start here for your graphics.

  • AMD 3000+ $150
  • nForce4 mobo $100
  • 1gb value memory $100
  • 6200 Turbo Cache $90

Total for core budget system: $440

Legit Bottom Line

The Albatron 6200 Turbo Cache will not blow your mind but you won?t have to sacrifice your gaming experience to upgrade to PCI-Express on a budget. The 6200 Turbo Cache uses innovative technology to establish harmony between cost and performance.

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