AeroCool AeroEngine-Plus ATX Case Review

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts


AEPlus Overall

The price of this case is right around $79.99, which puts in on the higher side when it comes to cases without power supplies. After working with this case and discovering the several minor issues that I pointed out, I feel that this case is priced a bit too much for what it offers. If it came with a power supply it would offer more bang for the buck.  The fact  it did not come with the rear 120mm exhaust fan, was also a bit strange.

The overall build was disappointing as I expected more from this case. The trademark structure of the “engine” was probably the cheapest of the overall case as it was loose and seemed like it could break. What really shocked me was the fact the included case fans aren’t even Aerocool fans, which is what a lot of people know Aerocool by. The fans are quiet and do move a good chunk of air, but it’s the longevity that I am worried about with them being off-brand fans.  If Aerocool would fix some of the details like the usb ports facing upside down, how the front fan is mounted, and better hinges for the bay door, I would think a little easier to suggest this case for our readers. For now, this is a budget case with a non-budget price tag.


Legit Bottom Line: The AeroCool Aero-Engine Plus looks good on the outside, but once you get inside it is a different story. With its price tag of $79.99 a number of other cases can be had with better functionality and design.

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