1GB IronKey USB Flash Drive With Hardware Encryption

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Need a Secure USB Drive that Can Withstand Anything?


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Today we are looking at the IronKey 1GB Flash Drive. The IronKey is touted as the world’s most secure USB flash drive, that is capable of not only storing your data, but protects your data, passwords and Internet privacy. IronKey has built in protection so that even if you drive is lost or stolen, your data remains safe, and can even be restored to a new IronKey with the use of IronKey’s encrypted backup. Even with all these features the IronKey is billed as simple to use with just a password to unlock it.

Iron Key Logo


The folks at IronKey have gone above and beyond normal Flash Drives and have incorporated many revolutionary features that are unique to the IronKey. 

The IronKey showcases

  • Military Grade Encryption with a built in Crypto chip that protects your data using the same encryption alogorithm as many governmental agencies.

  • A “Self Destruct Sequence” where if any physical tampering by a thief or hacker is detecting it will “self destruct”.

  • Online Security Vault, were if your IronKey is ever lost or stolen, you can easily restore your online passwords from an encrypted online backup.

  • Stealth Browsing to surf the Web safely and privately through almost any network, even across unsecured wireless hot spots.

  • Self-Learning Password Management to securely store and backup all your online passwords as you go, and automatically log into your online accounts to avoid key logging spyware and phishing attacks

  • Waterproof and tamper proof specifically designed to survive the extremes and exceed military specifications for water resistance.

Iron Key Press Image Drive

IronKey directs this drive towards all those who are security minded, including

  • College students who want to conveniently carry their music, photo’s, IM, course work and check their email from various shared computers without the risk of being eavesdropped on especially when using an open wireless network.

  • Business people who need to securely carry sensitive information with them between home and office or if on the road.  The IronKey can carry sensitive information like the company’s VPN Client or check email at the hotel.

  • Military personnel for whom losing critical data is not an option.  The IronKey’s rugged design allows them to carry confidential data with confidence, even in combat

  • Any user who cannot remember all his online passwords or wants to automatically be logged on to confidential sites.

Iron Key Press Image Drive with Cap

Alright let’s tear the box open, and see what this drive can do!

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