120mm Water Cooler Round Up w/ Cooler Master, Scythe and Zalman

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Scythe APSALUS II 120

Scythe Apsalus II 120 box

Scythe APSALUS II 120 Specifications:

  •  Model number: APSALUS II 120
  •  Radiator: 27mm thickness 119 × 150.5 
  •  Fan
    •  Size: 120 × 120 × 25mm thickness 
    •  Fan speed: 1300 rpm ± 10%
    •  Air Flow: 46.8CFM
    •  Noise: 19.5dBA
  •  CPU Compatablility
    •  Intel socket 1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 
    •  AMD socket AM2/AM2 + / AM3/AM3 + / FM1/FM2
  •  Pump
    •  Housing
      • Height: 27.3 mm height
      • Diameter: 72.3
    •  power and connector: 3.9W, 3-pin fan
    •  Tube length: about 32.6cm [12.8 inches]
  •  Accessories
    •  Thermal grease (already applied)
    •  Manual

Scythe Apsalus II 120

Next up we have the Scythe Apsalus II 120. Again a single 120mm radiator, this one looks to be made by Asetek. The tubing is flexible rubber, 12.8 inches long. The flexible rubber tubing makes installation easier; the tubing can bend at a tighter radius, which makes putting on of these in a small case much easier than a cooler with the stiff corrugated tubing.

Scythe Apsalus II 120 top of base

Top of the base is plain, only the Scythe logo in silver.

Scythe Apsalus II 120 fittings

90 degree swivel fittings

Scythe Apsalus II 120 bottom of base

And the base comes with thermal paste pre-applied.

Scythe Apsalus II 120 acessories

The Apsalus II 120 comes with all the hardware needed to mount the unit to all modern sockets.

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